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Re: ISO-CD-Images

Ralph Hoffmann wrote:
> Hi everybody ;-)
> Is there a possibility to create DVD-images too? 14 
> CD's........wow...but I'm not a DJ ;-))))

Looks like you'd need the execise. :)

Anyway, the answer is yes.  Please see:


   Producing CDs and DVDs for Sarge. Steve McIntyre [31]discussed CD
   and DVD image generation for the upcoming release.  Creating the
   images will take a while even when using [32]JTE. He raised the
   question for which architectures a DVD set should be create and
   whether source DVDs should be built as well. Creating a
   double-layer DVD will also require pruning of packages, since the
   Debian archive contains more than can fit on such a DVD.


   Debian CD/DVD Directory Layout. Steve McIntyre [49]reported that he
   finally has a full set of woody (3.0) DVD jigdo files and wondered
   about the directory layout on the server. He [50]proposed a
   particular layout that would require moving the existing jigdo
   files. Richard Atterer [51]asserted that for sarge full DVD images
   would be available on cdimage for i386 only and that's how it
   should be implemented for woody as well.



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