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Re: Using Debian logo in film

On Fri, Nov 19, 2004 at 05:05:20PM +0900, Joichi Ito wrote:
> I am working on a Japanese movie where we're casting the some of the smart
> characters to be using Debian Linux. Do you know if I can use the Debian
> logo on the desktop or as a sticker on their laptop?

The 'open use' logo (just the swirl) can be used for anything that
refers to Debian. Yeah, that's fuzzy, can mean just about anything. In
practical terms people do use it for just about anything.

> If so, can I clear the
> rights somehow?

Not really, we're currently completely incapable of making decisions
regarding the logos on anything resembling a short timescale, even for
stuff which actually matters.

I can't imagine why anybody would care what you do with it,
though. People stick those things all over the place.

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