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Re: Consumer boycott of your company

> I am writing to let you know that if the spam emails do not stop coming
> from the company named in the email below I will institute a boycott of
> your company...

Debian is not a company.  It is a volunteer organization that produces a
Linux distribution.  Go to www.debian.org to see what Debian is.

> ...as your company's logo is featured on their website.

I see no evidence of a Debian logo or any mention of Debian at
<http://diversitybusiness.com/>.  In any case, Debian has no connection
with and no influence over diversitybusiness.com.

> All my emails are being bounced back.

Typical spammer.  We'd like to help you but we can't.  The people who are
harrassing you are not connected with Debian in any way.
John Hasler

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