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Hardened Debian meeting & talk about the project status, goals and development.


As the head developer and project manager of the Hardened Debian
project, I'm proud to announce that we are going to make a meeting in
the project IRC channel (#debian-hardened on Freenode IRC network) to
talk about the project goals, status, development and anything else
interesting for anyone and related with the project.

The idea is to give an image of the current status and the evolution
that the project is following, also for clarifying any misunderstanding
or doubts about the things we are working on and their impact &
implementation on the Debian project, also about possible allies to make
the efforts in the right way and decide a couple of standards to make
that efforts available for other environments, assuring the
compatibility and the interoperability between them.

Mainly, the standards should be decided about the best possibility of
implementation of the IBM Stack Smashing Protector / ProPolice inside
the toolchain, also about the ways to make the changes transparent to
the users who don't want to complicate their everyday use (aka "desktop"
users), and providing useful and complete tools for the ones that want
(aka "sysadmins" or simply highly concerned users about what hardening
means for them).

The talk/meeting will start at the next Saturday, 13 November 2004,
15:00:00 CET (please, you can know at
the corresponding time in your time zone) and, by the moment, will not
be moderated, as it is an open event for everybody who wants to

There are some documents already online that can help to understand the
things that we are going to talk about, if you haven't heard/know about
them, i recommend reading http://wiki.debian-hardened.org and the
Debian: Secure By Default project website at

Best regards,
Lorenzo Hernandez Garcia-Hierro <lorenzo@gnu.org>

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