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Before I decided to go with debian/linux, I read "Why Debian" on your site.
It is a shame that
you don't have a "Why Not Debian, or Linux, for that matter" article also.
In the four months
I have been trying to use Debian, I have found it to be a very difficult
system to install, use, troubleshoot,
find help with, and keep running. Due to the fact it is somewhat unstable, I
have become pretty good
at the install. I have done it more than 10 times, to cure a number of
different problems. Unless a user
has prior programming training and knowledge, getting it up and running
(particularly on the internet)
is difficult and time consuming. Getting help is the most frustrating part
of this attempted switch to
linux. No one that I have got assistance from gave a clear answer to any
question. These people think
we all have their background in programming. We don't. An example. I could
not get KDE to un-
install. The answer from the geek who got my post? "Try synaptic". That was
it. HOW to try ( or
even what it was and where to get it) was part of that knowledge pool
somewhere in the dark
tunnel of geekyness.
All the positive info on the "Why Debian" page should be offset with some
honest information so those
of us without a degree in computing will go into it prepared for a struggle.
A good book on Debian's
latest release is also a necessity for the beginner. I have $70 in books,
but because 3.0 is so different,
they only help a little.
I don't ever bring linux or debian up in conversations, in an effort not to
offend anyone.
Bill Dammeyer, Soldotna, AK

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