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Re: Common Criteria Certification

Am 2004-10-29 10:45:26, schrieb Joe Covert:
> We are considering using Debian as our OS of choice.
> Is Debian "Common Criteria Certified" and if not are there plans to get 
> certification.

I am working for the french governement and I tell you, Debian as
distribution can not be under CC-EAL1. 

We, in France have Certified around 270 Packages to EAL4 but the
problem is that the Upstream-Authors must follow strict guidlines
to keep this Status.

Exactly, it is impossibel with Debian to get more then EAL2. 

I think Debian itself not, but a enterprise or suborganization of
Debian CAN do this with selected packages for Intranet or Workstations.

> http://www.linuxjournal.com/article.php?sid=7692
> Thanks ahead,
> Joe Covert
> Information System Security Manager
> Fleet Numerical METOC Detachment
> Asheville, NC 28801
> joe.covert@noaa.gov
> (828) 271-4232


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