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building cds on the overloaded gluck no longer reasonable?


When we started building the testing CDs in a periodical way, we were
assigned gluck as the machine where the build should take place and so we've
been using gluck to make daily and weekly builds of different medias.

Today gluck has a really high load on it, sometimes going over 100, this
load means that sometimes you have to wait several minutes for a logout to
complete, at those times trying to execute something is nonesense, not to
say trying to build CD images.

When building the full CDs in the last run using JTE, times went from 4 to 6
and a half hours, the full run took two days and five hours during which
time the build was either putting quite some load on gluck's cpu or disks
(mostly disks), making it strugle even more than it usually does.

If we add to the full CDs build for our 11 arches, the building of DVDs for
three of these, the total build time goes nearly up to 3 days, for a weekly
run proccess, plus the daily small builds, that can take nearly up to three
hours when we are not building the full CDs and DVDs in parallel.

Timings on one of my machines, an old Pentium III at 868 Mhz with a two IDE
disks soft raid0 say that building the full CD set for one arch takes around
one hour, this is with a modest old machine, values can be even lower with
more powerful hardware, but these numbers show that it really makes no sense
to continue producing the cds at the overloaded gluck.

So the question is... do we have a machine with low load on it where we
could build the cds?

The requirements are basically having a local full mirror.

Well, I think that is all I have to say, if anybody has any questions, don't
hesitate to ask.

Manty/BestiaTester -> http://manty.net

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