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Re: Mark W. Roche's article of October 11, 2004.Voting our Conscience, Not Our Relig

On Monday 18 October 2004 03.27, Rymn@aol.com wrote:
> Gentlemen:
> I would like your permission to have Professor Roche's article printed in
> the Catholic Sentental in Portland, Oregon. I notice that the NY times
> has it copywritten. Would you please give me permission to have the
> article printed without any changes in the current Catholic paper. The
> paper is circulated to Catholics in the greater Portland Oregon area.
> Please advise ASAP. Raymond Rask 1200 S.W. Main St.
> Portland, Oregon 97230
> 503-221-1772

You sent this to a mailing list of the Debian GNU/Linux project - probably 
not what you wanted.

-- vbi


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