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Let's work together

Hello; (our search box or pocket dictionary could be available from your site)
I've been looking through your site and thinking  "Shouldn't we be working together?"  Please visit our site www.netlingo.com and see what you think.
You should know:
 *our CEO, Erin Jansen, is considered an Internet Pioneer (her Bio is on the site)
 *more than 2 million visitors use the site each month with thousands of them telling us that the jargon of the net on   most sites is very frustrating
 *visitors to www.netlingo.com are educators, students, newbies, and professionals
 *we're ranked #1 with Google for our category
 *we have more than 10,000 sites linking to us

May we trade reciprocol links:  Our link info is:
 <a href="">NetLingo.com'>http://www.netlingo.com">NetLingo.com - The Internet Dictionary with
 thousands of terms about the online world, including acronyms and smileys ;-)</a>
 You may use our small logo on this Web page if you'd like:
 *or place our Search Box on your homepage/glossary/or help page at no charge to you.
   It'found at: http://netlingo.com/programs.cfm#searchbox 
  (simply download the code from the source file on this page or send an  e-mail & we'll give you the code)

Please let us know which of these options you have considered and help us continue to keep the Internet interesting, educational, and easy to use.
Ellen Soret
Online Partner Programs, NetLingo Inc.
Tel: 805-794-8687
content matters.

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