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Re: Two Macedonias

(far too long CC list removed)

I'm afraid you're mixing a lot of stuff in your mail. However, you
didn't give us more solutions to the current problem.

By chance, this solution is appearing as the name "Republic of
Macedonia" seems acceptable to the people who raised this issue : the
Macedonian localisation group.

I will just answer a very few key points where you have wrong view on
the way the Debian Installer works. And I'll add some comments in the
part talking about Konstantinos.

> For example:
>   suppose Debian used 'Macedonia' for Republic Macedonia,
>   and suppose that people in Florina (in Greek Macedonia (i hope))
>   want to install Debian Sarge.
> They start the installer,
>   see they have the possibility to choose 'Macedonia',
>   and choose that.
> Thereby getting the whole installer in a slavic language
>   that they not only may not understand,
>   but which they associate with
>    'having stolen one of their important groupnames'. 

That is simply impossible.

In Debian Installer, you first choose the language. People in the
above situation will choose "Greek" as language and will then have the
opportunity if choosing a country only if they're doing an "expert"
installation. This is because, there is currently only one
supported language_country combination in Debian (a locale) for
Greek : el_EL for "Greek in Greece".

Maybe some day, another locale with Greek as language will exist (for
instance el_CY for Greek in Cyprus). Then the uses will get a "short"
list with the "supported" countries and an "other" choice.

If people are doing an expert install, they will have the full world
country list...and MK will be listed there the way the Greek
translator will have translated it. In that case, I'm pretty sure he
will choose a non ambiguous name.

On the other hand, people living in MK will probably choose
"Macedonian" from the first screen (if the translation is made some
day) and it will be obvious that this is the slavic language named
"Macedonian", codename mk.

> Debian can not use 'Macedonia' for Republic Macedonia.

If this becomes the country name in ISO-3166, Debian *will* use it. At
the moment, using "Republic of Macedonia" seems a better choice.

> To the ones that called Kyrie Margaritos a 'seller of his country' :

Konstantinos Margaritis.....I think he will not like having his name

To the ones that did this, they're simply crappy narrow-minded
nationalist jerks. Kostas (his favorite nickname) is currently the one
who did the most for Greek localisation in Debian and he proved
several times that he does this because he loves his mother language
and his country. So accusing him to "sell his country" is just so
deeply stupid that someone using this as an argument just deserves to
be ignored.

I have kept the greek localisation list CC'ed because I suspect that
these insults thrown at Kostas came from there (unfortunately I can't
read Greek so the list archives weren't useful for me). If some people
there are responsible for these insults thrown at Kostas, they should
really re-consider their involvment in Debian (because doing so made
them lose a lot of credit) or prepare an apology.

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