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Freenode and .debian cloaks


I'm a group contact for Debian on freenode (the network irc.debian.org
points to.) I think I'm currently the only one, and I'm supposed to be
some sort of relay between the project and the freenode staff. My main
reason for volunteering for this position is so that we can get cloaks

Using a cloak means that you appear to be logged on irc from a host
called e.g. "yournick.developer.debian". We can use anything for
cloaks as long as they are RFC compliant and end with .debian.

I'd like to give a .developer.debian cloak to all Debian developers
who want one. Does anyone see any problems with this?

Assuming there are no problems, this is how I propose you get a cloak:

1. Make sure your nick is registered. See this page for instructions:
2. Send a _signed_ mail to weinholt@debian.org with "cloak" somewhere
   in the subject. I also need to know what your nickname is and your
   key should be in keyring.debian.org.
3. Wait for me to make a list to send to the freenode staff.


Göran Weinholt <weinholt@debian.org>
Debian developer, sysadmin, netadmin

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