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New Maintainers

This is a summary of the AM report for Week Ending 08 Aug 2004.
1 applicant became a maintainer.

Jaime Robles <jaime>

  "Firstly to say i am a ham radio operator and i am using linux... i think
  since 96 more or less. Well, since then i have tried to find free software
  for hams and some times it was not easy to find it. I subscribed to
  debian-ham email list to help in the ham related projects and i have been
  testing and suggesting. I am also developing a logging software for hams
  (http://jaime.robles.nu/klog) and i started to package it for Debian as
  Debian my only distro (i have 2 servers and my laptop running different
  Debian's flavours) and when i asked some developers to sponsor it they
  tell me to apply and here I am.

  I want to help mainly in the ham software Debian work, mainly in ham/KDE
  software as i think there are some really good applications that are
  stillnot in Debian and Debian-hams are missing great applications. Now i
  am packaging two applications. One is Klog and the other is KTrack, a
  Satellite tracking software for KDE.

  How i came to Linux? uff! i can't remember... maybe a CD in a computer's
  magazine in 95-96..., and since then i enjoy Linux as my OS. I started
  helping KDE-ES some years ago and when the previous kde-es coordinator
  left, i started to coordinate the team trying to motivate and get a 100%
  spanish KDE system :-) (we got it in 2.2) ;-)"

Martin Michlmayr

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