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Re: Debian, lists and discrimination

On 2004-08-07 01:46:57 +0100 Jonathan Walther <krooger@debian.org> wrote:

On Sat, Aug 07, 2004 at 10:29:40AM +1000, Matthew Palmer wrote:
The fact that our male / female participation ratio is much lower than even the gender split in IT, let alone the wider community should be enough.
That isn't evidence at all.  All that demonstrates is that males and
females have fundamentally different interests.

It is evidence debian isn't representative. I agree that it isn't sure evidence of not giving equal rights, but it's similarly not your evidence of different interests either.

I'm not sure that lack of equal rights is the problem most want to address. More that we have some barrier which deters one group more than its complement. That sounds like it's worth investigating, but erecting more barriers seems unhelpful.

Of course, the men-should-have-tits-and-give-birth crowd has dedicated
themselves to denying this for the past 50 years.

Are you lining yourself up to classify people who disagree with you as that odd crowd? Naughty if so.

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