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A few comments.

Some of you have noticed that I did not attempt to renew my position in SPI. I 
don't want anyone to take this the wrong way so I'm dropping a line to 
annouce my position and intentions.

I'm still 100% with Debian. I haven't given up on the idea that a community 
operating system can give the proprietary boys hell. I'm still using Debian 
as the base for my business and I don't see that changing in the near future. 
What I am giving up on, for the time being, is changing the attitudes and 
lack of process in SPI.

Those words hurt and some people will take issue with them. That's fine. I'm a 
big boy and I'm ready to go to bat. I found it completely impossible to push 
SPI in a credible and useful direction. Anyone who thinks I didn't try hard 
enough has a flame war with their name on it. Come and get it.

I'm a professional. I deliver value for significant organizations every day 
and I do it with Free Software. I haven't made a place for myself as some 
sort of "community spokesman" and I have no intention to. I'm just another 
guy, like you, who is trying to make it day by day running a business. Like 
you, I want to see Free Software succeed for the most basic reasons. I use 
it. I depend on it. It has to succeed so that I can succeed along with it.

I don't have the ability or personaility to make a difference in SPI. Maybe it 
is personal politics or a misguided mission. I'm not sure. I tried, and tried 
as hard as I could, to make a difference. I failed.

I was able to inform a few of our donors about our inability to process their 
checks. I was able to bring our lack of professionalism to your attention. 
That wasn't enough. I was not able to make a lasting change. The culture and 
status quo stood in my way of making a difference.

It's not over.

We have some great new faces coming on board. Bdale is a completely solid guy 
who has a sterling reputation with a strong and moral corporation of 
significance. I hold some real hope that he will be able to inact a change. 
Branden is also a good guy with a lot of heart. Sometimes his actions don't 
measure up to his words (and I'll take that straight to the mat with you 
Branden) but I have no doubt that he wants to do good.  We need to watch SPI 
closely and hold a strong rule to its actions.

I question SPI's integrity. It has become a paper crown that people wear to 
prop themselves up. It lacks muscle and dedication. I have the stripes to 
pull that card. I will and I do. Hopefully that can change.

Debian is more important than SPI and every Debianer needs to watch in the 
coming months to take their measure of whether SPI is helping us achieve our 
goals or holding us back . If change cannot be affected from within SPI then 
we should do whatever it takes to move the project forward.

None of this is meant to cast a dark cloud on those who tried to make SPI 
work. If the experiment is deemed a failure then it is a failure of approach 
and technique but not of spirit. We will debug the code and the system will 
operate. One way or another, one day or another.

Faithfully yours in happy hacking,

ps. I would like to thank Wichert Ackerman for the fine work he has done with 
SPI's web infrastructure. He may not have always responded to my email but he 
has done more than anyone else to make SPI presentable on-line.

Ean Schuessler, CTO
Brainfood, Inc.

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