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question on your architecture

We are a software-house and we're in the start-up phase of a plan of wide breath which it will comprise even installation and configuration of a linux server.
The scene of the project previews cuncurrent access at least 100-200 customers and management at least 2000. Therefore a web server must be created, which gives the possibility to approach to the own resources to local customers and even to extenal ones.
After some research we've found in the following packages we need to continue our planning phase:

Analizing the packeges supplied by your distributions, we've noticed that the version of MySQL does not satisfy our requirements.
Why do you support an older release of that software? Do you think it is unstable or not sufficiently tested? Have it got some security bugs you have found?

Thank you very much,

Best regards.

Rodolfo Barbanti
Sphera Software S.r.l.  (Business Partner IBM LOTUS)
Via Guidone 25 -- 48100 Ravenna -- ITALY
phone:+39-0544-219.527  --  fax:+39-0544-219.528

e-mail: rbarbanti@spherasoftware.com

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