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Re: Re: Re your list of suppliers

> * Alan Nelson <alan.nelson@tesco.net> [2004-01-20 22:56]:
> > On the 2nd Janruary 2004 I paid for a copy of Debian Linux from
> > demostech.com in the UK, despite numerous e-mails I have not
> > received any replies or the goods, his site now says that his shop
> > is closed and his telephone number is not recognised . I am unable
> > to get a refund of the money that I paid, so I think that you should
> > remove the entry from your list of suppliers to save any more people
> > from being defrauded by this guy.
> Sorry about your bad experience with Demostech.  Your mail has been
> forwarded to the right person and he removed their listing from our
> web site on January 29th.

Hello Martin and everyone else,

I was just browsing through the archives when I came across this message 
and thought I ought to address it.

At the tail end of last year I had more than a few problems, my business 
had been making a small profit after a year of losses, my personal funds 
had reached an end, the Royal Mail (UK Mail service) had become 
increasingly unreliable to the extent that 25-30% of CD sets I posted 
out did not arrive with the purchaser, and finally my good friends at
UPS lost and returned, trashed, a computer I had built for a London 
customer happily refusing to pay out on the insurance I had paid for it.
At that point, early December 2003, I had to basically find any way of making 
money I could, to prevent personal and business bankruptcy, so I took a 
job in a local business park as a warehouse operator working 6 12.5hr
night shifts per week. It was the best paying job I could get at short 

I did continue selling various CD sets via my site but stopped offering
them on Ebay, which had been my primary selling method to that point.

It was in retrospect a mistake, which led me to let down a small number
of people, whilst trying to both work and run my business. 

Here I'd like to publicly apologise to Keith Parkansky of Aboutdebian, 
I let him down badly by not telling him exactly what was going on and 
not getting his orders out on time (or anything like it.) 
And to Marc Sweetlove, also for letting him down badly.

However, to address directly Alan's complaint:

Alan emailed me prior to purchase on the 30th December asking if the 
CDs would run on a P4, I answered yes and promptly received an order for
a woody DVD, which i sent out on the 3rd of January.

Alan emailed again on the 5th asking if the DVD had been sent out.
I replied that it had and if he did not receive it by the middle of that
week to let me know and I would send him a replacement or refund.

I next heard from him on the 20th when he demanded a refund from me.
Which I sent to him via Worldpay.

I did also at that time simply refund every customer who had bought a 
set since the 1st of January as I wasn't confident that the CDs had 
arrived with them, given a number of complaints of that nature. 

I am sorry that I let Alan and others down, and I am sad that he chose
to accuse me of defrauding him on the same day as he asked for a refund
yet did not bother to follow that up by informing people he had in-fact
received his refund, but I suppose I can understand his anger given the

I do feel I let the whole community down and I would like to apologise
to everyone.


John H.

John Holroyd <valisk@softhome.net>

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