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Re: GNU Hurd and Linux

Yes. We will indeed be phasing out Linux support when Hurd is ready. We plan 
to do this in tandem to our switchover to 100% photon based computing cores 
and the new GNUeron Hallucinatronic machine-brain interface. Some people 
claim this deadline is not reachable by 2012. The Mayan lunar production 
calendar shows the Space Brothers will return for code review and world 
destruction around that time.

I'd ask RMS or the Catepillar from Beyond the Looking Glass if you are looking 
for a more deterministic answer.

+1 Schuessler Troll!

On Saturday 03 July 2004 5:47 pm, James Thayer wrote:
> Once GNU Hurd is ready for production use, will you still support Linux
> versions of Debian, or will GNU Hurd be the only kernel Debian supports?
> That is, will you support both?

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