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I really find your website impressive.

Some of our students are getting into Linux and have inquired as to whether I can provide an open Linux server for them to use to learn and experiment.

Can you or a colleague tell me:

1. what is the relationship of the website to Yale?

2. what is the hardware you use to support the site?

3. who administers the site -- students of Yale?  or??

4. how are costs covered -- what budget does it come out of?

Anything else that might help me prepare to initiate something like this for the use of students -- would be appreciated.


Warren E. Duclos, Jr., Ph.D.
Assistant Dean for Academic Computing and
Director of Computer Information Systems
University College
Tulane University
Gibson Hall 125
6823 St. Charles Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70118

(504) 865-5555

University College -- http://www.tulane.edu/~uc
CIS Program -- http://www.tulane.edu/~cis
Personal -- http://www.tulane.edu/~duclos

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