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Re: RfC: Updated Debian Flyer

Santiago Garcia Mantinan <manty@debian.org> writes:

> Umm... just wondering... what DVD images are you giving away?

Self-built ones.

> I mean, our CDs are known to be quite broken and have been like that for
> some time, I don't know about DVDs, I'd expect them to be in a little better
> shape, but not too much. Has anybody thorughtly tested the images you are
> giving away?

Well, I tried my best and simply hope we dont have too broken ones for
the LT.

At least they installed without an error message on different i386
hosts (including one Laptop) I could reach, and on the PowerBook.

> I expect today's DVD's build to solve some of the issues we were having, but
> they need to be tested.

Which is too late for the Image, we needed to give it to the Factory on
Wednesday morning, so I made a long night-shift on monday and tuesday.

> /me just curious about these DVDs :-)

Me too. :)

We will have a .html with a list of "Errata / Known Bugs" we find in
it, so people can simply look there.
And we will have entries on this side.
Starting with "If your partition size for the target is more than
100Gb..." - a bug which was found too late for this image. :)
(No, we wont list every single bug, just the "more important" ones for
this image).

bye Joerg
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