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I want to help.

Hi there,

Well I want to help out Debian, but I several problems.

a) I have no money to donate... I'm broke
b) I am not the best programmer in the world.
c) Half of the stuff in a given Linux Distro I don't even know it's use.
d) My education and experience isn't that linux friendly.

I do have some redeeming qualities however. Ususally I can break any software system so that it can't even think about re-booting. I also have a bad habit of trying out strange combinations of software till i get one or the other to scream for mercy. I'm generally good at dumning things down for other people. I also tend to be very good at finding workarounds for software and hardware issues.

Now, I can do alot more i'm sure, though C++ is foreign to me I can look at it it and understand what I'm seeing. (Thanks to many many books and classes on logic) I have been using linux for some time in several diffrent flavors. Currently I'm running a Slackware 9.1 / WinXP dual boot box. Even though I despise microsoft's business practices they still have some uses. Ultimately I want to see linux grow to be the OS of the world. I'll do whatever I can to help. Even if it's something menial or very noobish I don't care. I've been using Open-source software so long and haven't sunk anything into it besides bandwidth and blank CD-R's... I want to give somethign back. I'd like to design an installer for Debian that is essentially "Dummy proof" Although I see Annaconda is being ported currently I don't think that's going to be a problem eventually. I had wanted to build my own distribution from raw code, but I don;t know enough about that yet. I learn more and more every day.

If there is a way I can help please, please, please let me know. My current skillset is listed below.

Filesystem Layout and partitioning
Hardware Compatibility Resolution (non-software related)
Installation scripting
Bug Tracking
Breaking things
Fixing Things
Anything that I need to do I haven't done yet I'll learn.
Spreadsheet and Database Maintenence
Filesystem Security and Permissions
Network Port Security

Prolly a ton of other stuff. I know what I can and can;t do better than I could describe it. I have approximately 20 hours per week to devote to any project in particular. I'm a student in the Information Systems Security Program at Westwood College here in Colorado. I find all sorts of bugs all of the time and end up fixing them or finding work-arounds.

At any rate... I'm rambling.  sorry.

Let me know what I can do.


Thomas Shea
Castle Rock, CO, USA

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