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help me please.

to whom may concern:

i am a uni student,who is doing software project management. And i got a
task as follows .However i dont have any clue about it, would you mind
sent me some useful information based on the task.

Your task is to do a risk analysis for the (ongoing) project to develop the
Linux Kernel. It should consist of two parts:

1. Consider the following (non-exhaustive) list of risk factors:

Project Methods
Health / safety
Business risks
and for each briefly discuss how it relates to the Linux Kernel. You might
like to give some examples of risks relevant to the Linux Kernel from each
category, or else explain why you think the category is irrelevant. Be
aware though that some which may appear irrelevant at first glance may
prove not to be with deeper thought.

2. Determine what you consider to be the five major risks to the ongoing
development of the kernel. In 500 or so words for each, suggest some
possible mitigation strategies and the benefits/risks associated with
each. You may also discuss mitigation strategies that are already in
place, if you consider them novel or otherwise worthy of note.

I probably need to know who are designing the ongoing kernel(maybe 2.6.8 or
2.7 whatever).what the risks maybe in the kernel focus on the above key
factors. plz reply me as soon as posible. Thank you very much.

your sincerily

lennie shi

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