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Sponsorship Opportunities

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Attention Marketing Manager,

My name is Darcy Foster and I work at a leading SEO and Internet Marketing firm. I would like to inquire about advertising opportunities on your website. We have a number of clients who would be willing to sponsor your business in exchange for a link from your website. In other words they would be willing to pay you on a monthly basis in exchange for a link from across your web site.

We would act as the broker, making the process very simple. There is an opportunity right now for sites like yours (sites Google/Yahoo consider authority sites) to generate a substantial new revenue source for basically selling sponsorship.

This is an exciting opportunity, and it can be very lucrative.
Please call or email me to learn more, this is a legitimate offer, with real results.
Darcy Foster toll free: (866) 733-8899 or (604) 733-1474

VKI Studios

Darcy Foster
Internet Marketing & Web Solutions

e: dfoster@vkistudios.com
t: (604) 733-1474
f: (604) 733-2480
toll free: 1-866-733-8899


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