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obtaing release similer to 2.2r2

I had a debian release of potatoe 2.2 revision 2 on 3
disks, one of them called non-free us. On these disks
I had one of the best linux distros I have ever come
across, and I have never found anything to hold a
light against it, even a cover DVD of debian 3.0.
Unfortunatly my disks became scratched over time and
use, and I have lost half of the programs. I was
wondering If it was possible to get a new release of
Debian and still get the mass of beautiful programs
that I had on that release, without buying 2.2r2 and a
new debian seperatly. If so, can you tell me which to
buy, as I would like to get that mass of great
programs without mass searching and d/l.
If you can help me with this, it would be greatly appreciated

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