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OSNews artcle: Miguel is a Debian fan

I've just read this article about talking to Miguel de Icaza on OSNews
and found the following bit interesting, so I'm quoting it here to not
get it lost:

|Miguel is actually a Debian fan: "In terms of adoption, Debian is
|larger than anything else. What we hope to bring to the table ourselves
|is not direct competition to Debian, but an enterprise/commercially
|supported version of Linux." He is aware of how widespread Debian is:
|"you can find Debian maintainers everywhere else in the world, something
|that isn't the case for other distros. If anything, we want to *learn*
|and work with Debian as much as possible, given that its users are a
|huge contributor to enhancing open source in general." "Its community
|commitment is fantastic, but is a very hard platform to support for an
|ISV," he wrote last year on a paper."


That's quite news to me so excuse me if y'all knew it since long ago.

Of course, it's unclear on what he meant with "we" above, whether it's
the Gnome project, the Mono project, Ximian, SuSE or Novell.


Michael Banck
Debian Developer

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