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Re: member access

Angleofmercury@aol.com writes:

> I wanted this service the reason I paid for it but has not been able
> to use it yet how do I get connected to the service that is what I
> would prefer. so Iif I cannot get connected why should I lose money?
> do you have a phone # that I may speak to some one?

Excuse me, I'm a little confuse because I'm not sure of what service
you are speaking about. Debian is Free Software project. The Software
we distribute are free as in freedom, but also in the second meaning
of free (as free beer). Then there are third party that make money by
sealing our softwares so may be it is to them that you have paid
something. Debian do accept money only as donation. Then you are
speaking about a service, but the only service we give are the archive
(ftp.debian.org), the security patch (security.debian.org), several
mailing list (including this one), a bug report system
(bugs.debian.org) and some others. If you have a problem with one of
those, I would be grateful if you tell us which one. If you have a
problem with installing/configuring/using our softwares, you can ask
the debian-user mailing list (debian-user@list.debian.org), ask the
#debian@irc.debian.org channel, or make a bug report, while stating
there more precisely what your problem is.

Rémi Vanicat

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