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can you answer these questions?

Hi there,

I am interested in installing debian again after not using it for a while because I had problems with trying to use it. I read on your news pages about the break-in and this is a small concern to me as this could potentially be used by anyone that wants to access the system and since my knowledge of linux/debian is not that great I would like to know some things that I can do in order to close off any ports etc to prevent this happening.

Can you provide any help in regards to this and trying to understand how/what methods this person(s) used is not all that clear to me appart from he used a pw sniffer but how did they sniff the pwds to begin with - that is why I would appreciate any info in regards to what I can lock down to prevent something like this happening or if there is monitoring software that I can install that will at least inform me of something like this happening.

Thanks in advance to your reply to this email.


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