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Re: Re: Kill the DPL! (Elections are almost over)

No, no. David, you are missing the subtle genius of my plan.

Being awarded the DPL wouldn't make you responsible for doing anything, it 
would recognize what you have already done.

This whole silly notion that the DPL represents the opinion of Debianers can 
just go away. There is only real way to ask Debian's opinion is a GR. Debian 
is fluid and organic. People package things because they want to, not because 
a DPL consulted his cabinet and ordered them to.

My good friend and fellow cabal member Bruce Perens, for instance, speaks at 
far more conferences and talks with many more executives than any DPL ever 
will. He should just be a member of the "Debian Speakers" team, any of whom 
can be approached for your conference, formal dinner or Baht Mitzvah.


David Moreno Garza <damog@damog.net> wrote:
> Well, maybe the most active 'debianer' would do more, if (s)he is not
> DPL. Attending conferences and Debian stuff would be a decrease on the
> efficiency.
> Besides, you cannot force anybody to be someone or something: If he
> wants to be DPL, he will postulate and show work which endorse it.

Ean Schuessler, President of Diabolical Sneakiness
Software in the Interest of the Debian Cabal, Inc.

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