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Re: doubt about inetd....urgent please

On Sunday 28 March 2004, at 23 h 35, 
naziya shaik <naziya_shaik@yahoo.com> wrote:

> we have downloaded your netkit-inetd.... which includes...inetd plus other documents
> in inetd...we got " inetd.c,pathnames.h,inetd.h.....files"

The Debian operating system provides everything as binaries (sources are 
available but are not mandatory). So, you do not need to download source code.

As root or under sudo, type:

apt-get install netkit-inetd

and you have inetd.
> which is in 'C' under linux platform

Many programs are. But, I repeat, you do not need C sources with Debian. It is 
one of the strengths of this operating system.
> but we are not understanding how to run that inetd.c file

Do not. See above. And I suggest to start with http://www.debian.org/doc/.

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