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Re: Report

On Thursday 18 March 2004 18.00, you wrote:
> Debian Team,
> We are a company of IT directed toward research in artificial
> intelligence. We are developing a project of AI in Linux, and we are
> searching which the distribution of linux fastest.  You have some report
> of performance, if possible compared with others distributions.

You don't say speed of what - I/O speed? CPU speed? Floating point speed? 
Installation speed?

Speed comparisons of the whole distribution do not make sense at all, you'll 
need to do speed comparisons of *your* application.

I believe all Linux distributions are roughly equivalent, so you should use 
what you know best in terms of easy administration. If you have performance 
problems, optimize tha parts that give you problems (by rewriting, or 
recompiling with different options, ...) - this should be easy regardless of 
the Linux distribution that you are using.

-- vbi

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