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Re: Just a single Question for the Candidates

> To say that is to fly in the face of our entire legal infrastructure.
> Qui tacet consentit means "Silence gives consent" or some such.  He was
> "silent", ie, having no reply to my final post, implying he has no
> response to counter with.  His silence implies he recognizes I am
> correct.

He hasn't been silent. But at some point, when you realize that
your opponent is working from a different set of basic beliefs
about the nature of the universe, it's pointless to continue the
arguments. The only way to change your mind, or anyone agreeing
with you, on this subject is to change your beliefs about God 
or his message, and that's a long, tedious, usually futile and 
above all off-topic argument.

Even in court, there's a point in time when you sit down, shut up,
and let the judge and/or jury take over.

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