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Re: Some Comments on Sexism in #debian

[Matthew Hall]
> there are 12 operators in #debian, which means we expect each one to
> be present at least 2 unique hours per day, assuming the task is
> equally divided. In my opinion that is probably not enough for a
> channel with 600+ people and such extreme traffic levels

There are actually a lot less than 12 active ops on that channel, but
on the other hand, "coverage" is somewhat better than you might expect
due to the insane amount of attention Rob Weir manages to lend the
channel.  Linus's phrase about Alan Cox actually being a SMP cluster
comes to mind.

Which is not to say more active ops wouldn't be better.  But most of
the time, there *is* one around when you need one, although they
sometimes need to be poked.  I myself never hesitate to poke ops that I
think are around, when I spot behavior that I think should be dealt
with.  Others should do the same - and some do.

(Note: the behavior I'm talking about is actually almost never the
sexist crap - there's a lot more non-sexist abuse and trolling in that
channel.  Complaining only about abuse toward women, and not abuse
toward men, is itself a form of sexism - an implication that the women
are less capable of taking care of themselves.  I've actually found the
opposite to be true.  But my point is, it all needs to be dealt with.)

> Next, I would like to say some words to those who have been saying
> that Debian doesn't discriminate against women. As far as IRC goes,

I don't think anyone is disputing *that*.  The question is whether, as
a support resource advertised by the Project, the IRC channel on
freenode is something for which Debian should take responsibility - in
terms of setting and enforcing policies against abuse.  And in fact,
there's not even much argument about that either.  I've talked to a
couple of the ops, and they *are* discussing how to set and enforce a
more intolerant policy.

And as I said before, I do think more ops would be beneficial.


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