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Re: Just a single Question for the Candidates

> I don't honestly give a rats ass about what sexuality a person is, but I get
> seriously pissed off when the 'We're a minority, we're special' card gets
> pulled.

Whilst I see what you're saying, I fail to see how my post could
possibly be read as pulling the minority card.  The quote I gave was
simply an example of an "I mean this nicely, but here's an insult"
phrase that came easily to mind.  Beyond its use in a phrase of this
type, the sexuality issue had nothing whatsoever to do with my post.

And my other post on the sexuality issue was about persecution regarding
sexuality because that was the _precise_ issue that Branden raised.  And
my conclusion was actually that debian does not visibly persecute on this

So I'm not entirely sure what prompted your reply, though of course
you're welcome to send it.

b. :)

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