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Re: Usage of Debian Structure Documentation, Social Contract etc

To my personal mind, why would anyone choose anything other than Debian
or Fedora (or Slackware or Gentoo for the masochists)?

Debian is where it's at - DEB packaging is "Borderline flawless":

And if you must cow-tow to the RPM masses, pick the biggest community
out there - I'm assuming that's RedHat/ Fedora?

To my personal mind, the networking effect would surely outweigh just
about any other reason. Unless you're a masochist of course...

On the other hand if you have (potential) clients, and you wish to win
their business, and they use a particular distro, then perhaps it's

If you want Debian through a "community of service providers", "kind of
corporate but Free and Community first", then perhaps Bruce Perens'
UserLinux subset of Debian is your cup o tea. But it's still Debian! And
that's the whole point!

Really, Debian makes more sense than anything else on the planet...

I mean, where's the logic to use an alternative distribution or go
through setting up the whole community again - it's said and done.

And with Debian, your own private repository for a small, or large,
perhaps temporary or long term, sub project spin off, is an absolute
snap - again, the packaging rocks (just put your sources.list line
before the standard debian lines. Local mirrors, "proxy" package caching
mirrors, easy verification of package signatures (just coming online),
incomparable dependency and other package attributes - I mean seriously,
you can do it all!

Why waste your time reinventing all those wheels - and then the rest of
the organisation and support structure too!

It just baffles me...

Best regards and good luck though,

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