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Speak the language of your customer

Allow me to share with you an idea, which I believe will greatly enhance 
and increase the bottom line of your business.
Today, a successful business is one that is looking to the potential of 
the international markets in order to expand their profit margin. 
The Internet, international banking systems and worldwide delivery networks now
make it possible to reach even remote markets with minimum effort and low investment.
To achieve the best results internationally you need to speak the language of 
the market you are targeting.
Being able to offer your clients a culturally adapted website, a manual 
or a brochure in their language makes your business information immediately relevant, 
thus raising the interest level for your products.
As an example, there are over 12 million Russian speakers living outside of the CIS 
(Commonwealth of Independent States). There are also 120 million people living in Russia,
not counting the millions of Russian speakers in the CIS.  It is estimated that one third 
of Russians have access to the Internet, travel outside Russia and are able to afford 
products from Europe and other Western countries.
To assist you in reaching this expanding market, we are pleased to offer you our translation 
expertise for your business.  With 10 years of successful experience in business translation, 
we can offer you the highest quality of translation work, be it technical manuals, advertising 
and sales materials or website development. 
You will like our prices and will be surprised at how low the actual cost is for reaching 
the expanding international markets.
We are at your service and fully guarantee our translation to satisfy even the most demanding customer.
Yaroslav Muradian,
Managing Director,
Y M Translations,
Minsk, Belarus
tel/fax +375 17 2360521
portable +375 29 7410795
email translations@mail.by

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