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new Linux Portal and the Linux E-Magazine



I will like to take this opportunity to ask your attention on the new Linux Portal and the Linux E-Magazine called Linuxhotbox E-Magazine which is intended to be a free monthly publication. The magazine will focus on issues interesting to Linux users and professionals, with Linux news and articles and information regarding to Linux software and distributions.


We have a sample of this magazine on our website at http://www.linuxhotbox.com/magazine/march-04.htm  for you to take a look at.


Our goal and motto is “To bring more people to Linux”


We hope you want to support our initiative by placing a link on your web and tell your visitors they can get this free magazine.


In addition, if you have an interesting article that you will like us to publish we will be happy to include it with the necessary credit to your website. We hope to offer everyone free subscription at our website at www.Linuxhotbox.com,  We will be going life with the magazine by the first of March so any constructive criticism or kudos will be highly welcome.


We hope that you will like to contribute to our effort as we look forward to hearing from you.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me as I’ll be happy to answer them.


Best regards



Arnoud Wierstra





Aroms ltd

36 Forest Avenue, Archard Rise


TN25 4GB



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