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Re: Re your list of suppliers

* Alan Nelson <alan.nelson@tesco.net> [2004-01-20 22:56]:
> On the 2nd Janruary 2004 I paid for a copy of Debian Linux from
> demostech.com in the UK, despite numerous e-mails I have not
> received any replies or the goods, his site now says that his shop
> is closed and his telephone number is not recognised . I am unable
> to get a refund of the money that I paid, so I think that you should
> remove the entry from your list of suppliers to save any more people
> from being defrauded by this guy.

Sorry about your bad experience with Demostech.  Your mail has been
forwarded to the right person and he removed their listing from our
web site on January 29th.
Martin Michlmayr

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