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Should I run for DPL this year?

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Hi folks,

Another year has come, and I face my annual dilemma over whether or not
to run for DPL.  (Yes, it is actually a decision I have wrestled with
every time.)

This year I'd like to solicit some advice from my fellow

I would appreciate *private* replies, as it is not my intention to try
to gather public endorsements -- especially since if I decide not to
run, it saves you the trouble of switching your endorsement publicly.

I'm not seeking just a "yes" or "no" reply.  In addition, I'd like your
thoughts on a few other issues:

* What's my greatest strength as a candidate?
* What's my greatest weakness?
(Feel free to list other strengths and/or weaknesses if you like.)
* How do you think I have evolved as a DPL candidate and as a developer
  over the past 3 years, if at all?
* How do you interpret the numerical results of last year's election[1]?
* How important is a candidate's platform in influencing your voting
* Should a DPL candidate declare his or her intention to seek the office
  early in the nomination period, or late?  (This is similar to asking
  whether a candidate should see what the rest of the field looks like
  before deciding to run.)

As a quid pro quo, I should inform you what I am going to do with this
information.  It will strongly influence my decision whether or not to
run this year.  I will not share it with anyone else without your
permission (GPG-encrypted replies are perfectly acceptable).  If you
would like a reply to your message, please let me know; I will likely
reply in any case if I cannot understand, or am confused by, part of
your message, and ask you to clarify.

My sincerest thanks in advance to those who care to share their thoughts
with me, and my apologies to those who don't and whose time I have
wasted with this message.

[1] http://www.debian.org/vote/2003/vote_0001

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