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Re: security.debian.org down?

Michael Banck wrote:
> > Right, they access www.debian.org and try to find a status note. It
> > can't be that difficult to put a note on the webserver manually even
> > without tool support. 
> The problem is that we don't have 'the' webserver. We have a couple of
> dozen mirrors, running www.debian.org in a dozen languages.
> So manually changing 'the' www.debian.org does not help at all, as all
> the other servers will not get that information.

plus editing 33 language files
in 33 languages with
a dozen different character sets,
plus permissions problems

> The exact same problem occured in late November when we had the security
> compromise. Dozens of people asked why the information was not on the
> website. That is why Joey was not very diplomatic on his second reply.

And when we finally put it there, it caused more problems (than it solved).



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