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Re: unauthorized upload of xfree86 4.3.0-1 to unstable

Branden Robinson wrote:

The primary purpose of this mail is to prompt a discussion of what we as
a Project should do in the general case of surprise uploads of this
nature which are, again, neither hijacks nor NMUs, but have some
features of both.

For a start, uploads by non [co-]maintainers could be held for manual processing or rejected outright (except where uploaded in accordance with NMU policy of the delay to a delay queue, where the [co-]maintainers are notified at the time of the upload and have the delay time to resolve problems).

As the project (in terms of the number of packages, developers and users) grows, it's important that we revise things which may have worked previously but will not necessarily into the future (like the ability for anyone to upload any package, and the [mis]use of @d.o addresses being discussed elsewhere).

As for the upload in question, it seems you both had good intentions. However the relevant field(s) of the control file should be respected. If someone's not maintaining a package properly then this should be resolved by another means (vote within the XSF, involvement of QA, etc.)


Sam Johnston, Director
Australian Online Solutions

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