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Bug#210879: acknowledged by developer (close)

On Fri, Jan 16, 2004 at 11:18:03PM -0500, Alfie Costa wrote:
> Alas, kindly BTS 'bot, it was...
> > From: Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au>
> > yawn
> Sleep is a beautiful thing Tony, maybe if you had more rest you wouldn't be 
> as grumpy.

If you're talking to me, my name is not Tony.
> C'mon, let's hear a reason from you.

This has been explained to you in detail in the bug report log by the project
secretary and others. There's nothing more to be said.


Anthony Towns <aj@humbug.org.au> <http://azure.humbug.org.au/~aj/>
I don't speak for anyone save myself. GPG signed mail preferred.

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