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New "Debian Spain" organization created

(CC: me on replies as I'm not suscribed).

Taking advantage of the recent debconf-es [1,2] which took place this
weekend in the Creofonte technological center in Casar de Cáceres
(Extremadura, Spain) the "Debian Spanish" organization has been funded with 
over 20 initial founding members.

This organization has been created with some broad goals in mind mainly the
development of the Debian project as well as Debian-developed operating
systems and free sofware. However, it is not a developers-only organization
as it tries to also cover users and their needs. 

The organization still needs to be approved by the Spanish Internal Affairs
Ministry. Once this is done it could be also a way to collect donations for
Debian at Spain (for those that can't place international orders and thus
do them directly to SPI), to defend the Debian trademark [3] and to
register the debian.es domain. Also, one of the the long term goals is to
obtain non-for-profit status in Spain (which would allow for tax-deductible

On the other side, with the recent tide of things in some public 
administrations which are starting to be very Debian-focused (including 
Extremadura's public administration, which has produced Linex, and 
Andalucia's which has produced Guadalinex) this also provides them an 
"official" single point of contact regarding Debian. Useful for them when 
they want to discuss needs and wants and better than talking to DDs 

I will try to translate the by-laws and post them here, if requested.



PS: Note that this organization has been created related to the idea of 
baby-Debian organizations which was discussed in Debconf 3 recently:

[1] http://www.hispalinux.es/~amaya/debconf-es/ (spanish only)
[2] Some pictures available at http://www.alobbs.com/album/debconf-es
[3] Which is currently registered in Spain by a perspon  
unrelated to the Debian project. See 

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