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problem connecting english sites

hi support

i need to have access to the package pages, but allways when i try to
connect the sites i will be forwarded to the polansk language site.

is there any problem with the english sites?

with regards 
walter ditzler
head office: 
d media solutions                phone  +41-(0)61-486-6000 
po box 538                       fax    +41-(0)61-486-6001 
4123 allschwil / basle           email  walter.ditzler@d-mg.net 
switzerland                      web    http://www.d-mg.net 
brasil office: 
d media solutions                phone  +55-(0)61-338-6359 
caixa postal 9716                fax    +55-(0)61-338-1535 
cep 700001-970 brasilia d.f      email  walter.ditzler@d-mg.net 
brasil                           web    http://www.d-mg.net 

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