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Re: Debian mailing lists, address munging, news gateway, and the list archives

On 2003-11-19 14:39:29 +0000 Pascal Hakim <pasc@debian.org> wrote:

	As I see it, we have two solutions to this problem.

You appear to be solving side-effects, not the problem. The problem seems to be the number of insecure vulnerable machines out there.

If we mung header email addresses, then we will get worms that rip addresses, URLs, whatever from elsewhere in the message. I have had email going to my message IDs on a past system with a catch-all alias. Munging addresses will also make the archives less useful for people researching similar problems. Switching off news gateways also seems to hurt users and doesn't deal with web-spidering worms taking from our archives. I don't like either of these suggestions.

The obvious solution to the problem is to secure the bad computers (upgrade them to Debian), but that's not easy. Is there another way that doesn't hurt our users?

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