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Re: Using Debian as a proxy

David Smith wrote:

I want to put a proxy server on our network at my office, and was advised to use Debian Linux as the proxy. I have search your FAQ, but cannot really find my answer. Will Debian work as a proxy server, and will it mix with a Windows network to act as the proxy? Is there a good readme that will help me install it as a proxy server if it can work. Your help is greatly appreciated. regards
David Smith

Hello David,

yes, debian will work fine as a proxy. I currently have a setup where i use squid as a proxy for 2 machines (we only have an ISDN linkup atm, but that might change). Atm, about one in three pages comes out of the cache. One of the machines is a Win2k box, the other is a debian woody box.

Please note though that this list is for general debian-related discussions, questions like yours should probably go to one of the users lists (debian-users-fr, for french-language discussions?)

My (Proxy-related) setup is:

Calamaris (for weekly/mothly performance reports)
Cachemgr.cgi (for 'snapshots')..

on a Debian-Woody box.

(the maintainer of htdig)

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