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Re: general intrest

Moving from one operating system to another is quite a large step (although
I think you will find the end result worthwhile). As a first step I would
suggest that you try to get hold of a Knoppix CD. This is a system, based on
Debian, which boots from a CD-Rom and will allow you to try opening your
current files, such as photos, music and word documents.

This will let you know how well the Linux programs handle your files, and
when you restart your computer you will be back to Windows ME.

There is a Linux program called Wine which can run many Windows programs,
with varying degrees of success. You may be able to try it from within Knoppix,
though it is really intended to be installed first and then Windows programs
installed into its environment - so if you find programs do now work within it
at this stage it does not mean that they will not work with Wine at all.

The next stage is to repartition your system - split the disk into an area for
Windows and an area for Linux. Alternatively - if your disk is nearly full of
Windows stuff - now might be a good time to invest in a new disk.

Install Debian into the new area, but make sure you leave the windows partition
or disk alone. You can access the Windows files when Linux is running, but not
the other way around. (I believe that there are now ways to access Linux file
systems from Windows, but it is not such a usual thing to do)

There is quite a lot to learn about Linux - and there will be some things you
will find frustrating, but you probably do not realise how much effort you have
put in over time into understanding Windows. You will find it worthwhile in the
long run, and there is a helpful - if sometimes vociferous - community of Linux
users who are willing to help new members.


> I am interested in replacing a very frustrating Windows ME system.
> All the info I find states that Linux can do any thing and even more than MS.
> My most major concern is, will it work with current files I already have 
> accumulated?
> Such as music,pictures,photos, word documents i have created, other programs 
> i have purchased, such as Click Art,Create a Card,etc...
> None of these purchased products have any load options for any thing other 
> than Windows
> or Mac,how will these items load into Linux?
> Another concern, is it compatible with America On Line? or other IP's?
> I am very interested in Linux, but need assurance that my computer won't have 
> an identity crisis with out Windows.

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