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Bug#210879: Reopen: revise odd language in 'constitution.txt' -- "K Developers" ... "not integers"

reopen 210879 ! 


Some questions:

Is there a 'canonical' way of finding, or place to find, the current number of 

I tried this code...

	# get all maintainers.  (is 'available' the right file?)
	grep "Maintainer:" < /var/lib/dpkg/available | sort | uniq > /tmp/mntrs

	# take out the email address, some guys have more than one address.
	while read x; do echo ${x%<*} ; done < /tmp/mntrs | uniq > /tmp/mnoe

...which gives 1143 maintainers, but that includes some 'alien' packages of 
mine, which don't count, and group names like "Debian QA Team" or "Debian QA 
Group" that perhaps also shouldn't be counted.  

Is the current number of developers likely to fall below 100?

Lines 130 & 138 of 'constitution.txt'**: 

    130        vote. There is a quorum of 3Q.
    138     7. Q is half of the square root of the number of current 

(**as quoted earlier, which might not match the numbering of the current 

Is there a rationale behind this quorum formula of '3/2 of a square root'?  

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