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A Position Statement from the Debian project re: DFSG/GNU FDL


	Beginning in 2001, concerns regarding the compatibility of the
 GNU Free Documentation License with the Debian Free Software
 Guidelines came to the attention of the debian-legal mailing list.

	Towards the end of 2002, the FSF released version 1.2 of the
 GNU FDL, but their new version did not address several of the
 DFSG-related concerns of the Debian Project. An additional year's
 worth of discussions with representatives of the FSF did not persuade
 the Debian Project that its interpretation of the license or its own
 guidelines are incorrect; neither did they persuade the FSF that
 substantial alteration of the FDL's terms were warranted.

	A document is being put together to attempt to address some
 concerns that members of the Debian Project have about the GNU Free
 Documentation License. This document attempts to present the
 reasoning behind the conclusion that the GNU FDL is not regarded as a
 license that can easily satisfy the Debian Free Software
 Guidelines. The intention is to craft a document that can be
 presented to the project membership as a statement that can be issued
 under section 4.1.5 of the Debian constitution (the developers may
 issue such position statements using the general resolution

	However, before we get to the GR stage, I would like to polish
 the position statement that shall be the meat fo the GR; and I
 solicit commentary, and contributions to this document.

 Please visit

       Any comments, feedback, suggested wording, and proof reading


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