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Re: Skolelinux and the "Debian Labs" idea

On 2003-09-20 23:34:03 +0100 Derek Neighbors <derek@gnue.org> wrote:
Benj. Mako Hill wrote:
| not want to see commercial entities calling themselves Debian-anything

What are "commercial entities"? As far as I can tell, nearly all DDs engage in some forms of commerce.

I am curious about why?  You state you don't want to see it, but don't
give any supporting argument. I myself am always very suspicious as to
the motive of for profit companies appearing to leverage Free Software

Even "for profit companies" is a bit of a huge class of things to be upset with. Most of them are just trying to earn some profit to live from. Maybe "for-dividend companies" contain nearly all of the ones we should worry about? Then again, excluding them is likely to involve "friendly fire" on our allies.

The contract/agreement that the entity using the "Debian Labs" name
signs or agrees to, should likely be a legal document drafted by lawyers.

Why would Debian want to increase the sums given to lawyers? It should be drafted as simply as possible by people concerned and then secured by lawyers under advice.

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