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Bug#210879: [agcosta@gis.net: Bug#210879: constitution.txt: revise odd language -- "K Developers"... "not integers"]

On Sun, 14 Sep 2003 16:38:43 +0200, Josip Rodin <joy@srce.hr> said: 

> Hi Manoj, Please make sure this gets somewhere. I'll keep the bug
> open for now.

> Subject: Bug#210879: constitution.txt: revise odd language -- "K
> Developers"... "not integers" To: Debian Bug Tracking System
> <submit@bugs.debian.org> X-Debian-PR-Package: doc-debian X-Sent: 6
> hours, 2 minutes, 35 seconds ago

> Package: doc-debian Version: 3.0.2 Severity: wishlist

> There's some odd language in
> '/usr/share/doc/debian/constitution.txt':

> 1 A resolution or amendment is introduced if proposed by any
> Developer 2 and sponsored by at least K other Developers...

> ...and the number 'K' is later defined, in part, as follows:

> 3 Q and K need not be integers and are not rounded.

> This implies fractional Developers.

	No, it does not. The language specifically states that you
 need *AT LEAST* K developers, so if K is not a natural number, you
 have to have a natural number larger than k -- no need for fractional

> In line #2 above the author must have meant an integer, (or rather a
> natural number -- there aren't any negative numbers of Developers),
> but saying "at least" leaves room for doubt, especially since line
> #3 says K isn't rounded!

	The language is correct as it stands.

> Example: suppose K=4.4; but by line #3 'K' is not rounded, (if it
> were we'd know a quorum would be at least 5, or 4.4 rounded up), and
> if it's not rounded then .4 of a Developer means who knows what.

	No, K is not rounded. So, 4 developers do not make a quorum,
 since 4 < 4.4. 5 developers, on the other hand, make a quorum, since
 5 > 4.4

> For line #3 I suggest changing 'integers' to 'natural numbers' or
> 'whole numbers', and 'and are not rounded' to 'and are rounded up
> when counting people, but not when counting votes.'  ...or something
> to the same effect.

	I would strongly oppose such a GR. We do not need to bring in
 confusion about rounding up or rounding down -- right now, there is
 no confusion, mathematically speaking, about the comparison.

> (Of course we all know a Constitution is by design not as easy to
> amend as a garden variety typo.  Difficulty shouldn't justify errors
> though.)

	The constitution is not in error -- there does seem to be user
 error in understanding that one can indeed compare integers with real

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