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Re: debian moherboards

Russ Wickline wrote:
My name is Russ. I am looking to build two debian systems. I was wondering if you have a list of components that debian will support. I am looking to put a 1800+ celeron 256 mb of memory, 40 gig hd, raid controller and video card, and one with a tape drive. If you have a list of board i can use thanks Russ

Hello Russ,

no, we do not have a list of supported components


- Most IDE and quite a few SCSI Controllers do support linux (look at the vendor, they usually put up linux-drivers for their hw if they do support linux)

- If you put raid, look to get two identical (same model) disks for RAID 1 (raid 0 isnt worth it imo, raid 5 is quite a bit of hassle to set up). My server does software raid 1 (with an off-the shelf ide-controller)

- For tape drives: Amanda is a good piece of software to do tape backups, and I think they have a list of supported drives up. look at www.amanda.org

- Personally, I found that AMD Athlon-type processors are cheaper than Intel Processors..

- Depending on what you do I'd put in more memory

Just my two cents


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